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Cotton & Chamomile Candle by Maison Blanche

Think fresh linen bedding freshly laundered, combined with subtle notes of sweet ylang-ylang, star jasmine and mimosa flowers. The Maison Blanche's Cotton & Chamomile Candle contains a touch of slightly herbaceous aroma of wild chamomile gives it additional character, and you've got this beautiful blend of a soy candle that we adore!

  • Small: 15 hours of burn time, 60g
  • Medium: 80 hours of burn time, 400g
  • Large: 40 hours of burn time, 200g

Safety: Burn for 1-4 hours at a time, and trim the wick to 5mm before each lighting. Discontinue burning when you have 1cm or less of wax. Do not leave unattended when burning and keep out of reach of pets and children. Burn on a heat resistant surface away from drafts and flammable materials.

Second and third photos supplied by Maison Blanche


Cotton & Chamomile Candle by Maison Blanche

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