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Savannah Animals Holdie Folk Toy Set by Olli Ella


Make new friends from the Savannah - the Lion, Hippo and Giraffe by Olli Ella. Handmade from a soft wool blend with embroidered features, these three Savannah friends are the perfect size for small hands and are wonderful prompts for hours of imaginative play.

Have them make new friends with the Dinosaur Holdie Set to create an incredible universe of animals and prehistoric beings!  begin by adding Holdie™ Safari friends into the mix for fun-filled play all day. Holdie™ Savannah Set includes 3 x Savannah Animals; animals are not sold separately.

Olli Ella creates timeless pieces that continue to be loved through the generations with an emphasis on diversity and social inclusion. Founded in 2010 by sisters Chloe & Olivia Brookman, Olli Ella uses natural, sustainably sourced materials focusing on craft, ethical production, & timeless design. Proudly BCORP certified, Olli Ella has grown to become a covetable lifestyle brand that believes in play every day!