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2022 & 2023 Australian Wedding Trends - Lime Tree Bower

Australian Wedding Trends

We live in a weird new world of weddings post-pandemic. After a very tumultuous period for couples planning a wedding, we are well and truly past all that testing anxiety and back into the swing of things!

Now more than ever, here at Lime Tree Bower, we are seeing non-traditional wedding trends take the lead, as couples plan their perfect day according to them, and no longer what is expected. 

Here are some of our favourite 2023/2024 wedding trends we are seeing here in Australia right now!

Lavish Micro Weddings

Quality over quantity. COVID has limited our capacity to throw huge affairs with hundreds of guests, particularly with the rise of the pricing of flowers. We’re noticing our brides are opting for cosier affairs, and investing in incredible quality suppliers for the aspects that matter most to them, such as floral arrangements, food and drinks.

Digital Wedding Invitations

We all know the woes with Auspost, and the beauty of going digital in the last 18 months has meant now more than ever, we are used to interacting online. This simple and effective solution is cost-effective and MUCH easier to find for your guests, its just an inbox search away! Online wedding invitation tools such as Wedsites and Paperless Post can make life much easier and your wedding budget lighter too.

High Impact Florals

We’ve noticed our brides love to focus on creative, modern and impactful floral installations and arrangements that create a talking and focal point and complement the backdrop for their special day. Think less is more. Focus more on a ceiling installation, ceremony backdrop and bridal table area flowers, areas that will create high impact. Go simpler or use alternative decorative elements like a clustering of colourful candles on guest tables.

Weekday Weddings

If the pandemic riddled years have taught us anything, it's that the work week is far more flexible than our bosses would have had us believe. With the rise of Zoom and WFH days, taking time out mid-week means that brides are saving money, and the rest of us have an extra excuse for a day off work!

Local Honeymoons

Support local! While airlines are opening up, we’re seeing a huge boom in local bookings at some of our favourite local destinations around Australia. COVID has taught us to be grateful for what is in our incredible backyard, and what a good opportunity to explore! In fact, we've pulled together our favourite five colourful Australian honeymoon destination ideas to help get your research started.

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