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Cake Design Trends - The Sydney Edit - Lime Tree Bower

Cake Design Trends - The Sydney Edit

Have your cake and eat it too! Are you after a delicious cake that looks amazing too for an upcoming event or wedding!? You might be in need of some cake-spiration!

We explore the latest cake design trends and have provided you with our Sydney edit of the most talented and diverse Sydney cake designers out there on the scene today. Whether it be a wedding, corporate event, private event like a birthday party or baby shower - we've got you sorted!

Dreamy, edible hand crafted floral cakes

Can you believe these flowers aren’t real!? Hand crafted, each petal and meticulously decorated. These are so dreamy and ethereal, we have no words! Our go to recommendation for this style would be the amazing Dewi and her team over at Sweet Blooms.

sweet blooms artistic cake design sydney wedding

Watercolour & textured cakes

Are you after a cake that resembles a painting? We are a big fan of water colour and textured effects on cakes. So many colour combinations and styles to choose from - check out these pretties by Natalie from Alcakemy:

alcakemy watercolour cakes sydney wedding

Artistic cakes with fresh flowers

A favourite of ours - making cake look like pieces of art! The flowers themselves need to be removed prior to cutting and eating of course, but they sure deliver a show stopping performance when sitting pretty on a cake table at the venue. We typically work with cake makers and decorate their cakes on-site with flowers to ensure the style palette is consistent throughout the wedding, for example with regular talent Stacy Brewer Cakes, shown here below:

stacy brewer cakes flowers decor wedding

Creative buttercream cakes

A classic cake made out of buttercream is always delicious, and now cake artists are amping up the wow factor super creative detailed textures. Adding dimension and fun to your typical buttercream cake, look are pretty these cake creations are by Anna Kyra!

anna kyra buttercream decorated wedding cake

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