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monstera thai constellation rare plant

How to Look After the Rare Monstera Thai Constellation Indoor Plant

Meet the Rare Monstera Thai Constellation Plant!

Most plant aficionados and enthusiasts will be familiar with the elusive Monstera Thai Constellation - a truly beautiful species of variegated Monstera. It derives its name from the creamy patches and speckles that create a celestial galaxy on the leaves; a very rare and difficult pattern to reproduce making this the ultimate addition to any plant lovers collection.

Incredibly unique and hard to get a hold of, we at Lime Tree Bower feel very lucky to have been able to source a limited number of these in store. Pop by to have a look or order online - we don't anticipate holding onto them for long!

Fun facts about the Monstera Thai Constellation Indoor Plant

  • All plants originate from only one place in the whole world - a laboratory in Thailand (hence the name)
  • It has a stable variegation meaning that the creamy patches will remain white and not turn green over time

monstera thai constellation close up

    How to Look After Your Monstera Thai Constellation - The Ultimate Care Guide

    You've just purchased this showstopper - now what? Luckily they are fairly easy to care for, much like any other Monstera, with a few considerations.


    These guys do not like being overwatered and are prone to root rot. Water from the top (not from the bottom) and let the top half of the soil dry out in between waterings.


    They thrive in indirect light. As they have less chlorophyll (with the white patches) than their all green cousins, they do need more light for nourishment. They'll do best near a sunny window, but not in direct sun. 


    The Monstera Thai Constellation is a light - medium feeder and doesn't require too much in terms of fertiliser. Apply an organic fertiliser once a month, or a slow release fertiliser placed away from the base of the plant is also a great option. We The Wild make a great plants essentials pack to get you started!


    As a tropical plant these guys do favour a more humid environment. Most houses in Australia should have an adequate humidity level, but if you notice some curling around the leaf edges or a dry, papery texture, you can up the humidity by investing in a humidifier, or clustering more plants together so they can create their own little micro climate.

    Other tips

    Remove old, yellowing and drooping leaves and cut away large brown spots on leaves to maintain plant health. 

    Repot your Monstera Thai Constellation every 2 years if needed, to a pot around 2 inches larger in diameter.

    Lastly, sit back and enjoy your new plant!


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