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Ovolo Spring 2019 Wedding Showcase - Lime Tree Bower

Ovolo Spring 2019 Wedding Showcase

We had the pleasure of holding our second Wedding Showcase with Ovolo Woolloomooloo in September 2019, which we designed from concept to execution. Definitely a favourite event to date so far! We chose to go with a very different theme compared to our inaugural showcase back in February, in order to innovate, mix things up and also present people with different design options!

Spring 2019’s theme was Lunar Iridescence: an ode to the Moon 🌛, the Milky Way, the Magic of the Universe, combined with our love for texture, colour play and of course, the whimsical. Primary colour tones included pinks, blues, and shades of cool tones in between the two. You can see and feel that within the mood board we created for this showcase:

lunar iridescent mood board ovolo

When it comes to any event that we’re designing from scratch, particularly from a styling perspective, we create a mood board. This is the key document we use with our clients to make sure that we’re all envisaging the same thing. The purpose behind it is to represent the feeling, the colour palette and the high level theme of an event.

It can be quite a collaborative process with the client, sometimes taking a couple of versions to nail it, and that’s totally natural since we want this to best capture what you have in your head, so that we can do our job well. This mood board is what we use to guide us on recommendations and making decisions about every decorative aspect. For example, what type and colour of flowers we end up choosing, the colour of the candles, the design of the welcome sign, the type of vase etc.

We designed a feature ceiling installation that was the statement design upon entering through the curtains!

lunar iridescent floral ceiling instsallation ovolo woolloomoloo

hanging installation at entrance to piper room ovolo

feature statement ceiling flower installation ovolo piper room wedding showcase

Matching signage with iridescence lettering on smokey black perspex fitted the space perfectly:

welcome sign black perspex sign at ovolo woollomooloo wedding showcase

black perspex seating chart piper room ovolo wedding showcase

We designed several table options to display different styles, including long tables and round tables with various decor.

tall perspex clear table centrepiece ovolo woolloomooloo

tall flower centrepiece wedding showcase ovolo

low centrepiece table piper room ovolo wedding showcase

king table ovolo wedding showcase decor flowers

ceremony backdrop flower stands ovolo woolloomooloo

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