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5 Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers as Inspiration - Lime Tree Bower

5 Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers as Inspiration

Most of us don't get a cool excuse to wear a beautiful flower crown every day, even though we'd secretly love to! It's no surprise why hairstyles featuring flowers have become a huge trend for weddings these days.

Bridal flower crowns and hair flowers are a super popular request from our brides, and it's one of our favourite bridal party creations to make. They're like little art pieces and can add a special touch to the overall look. We've rounded up some inspiration to help you decide what style to choose!

Style 1: Full flower crown

This style of flower crown goes all the way around the head, with the florals decorating the front and the back consistently. It works well for all hairstyles - up or down, short or long!

full flower crown

Style 2: Flower crown with ribbon tie back

Similar to the style above, this version is finished off with a ribbon tie back, which makes it even easier to adjust for size. It's super cute for flower girls - the touch of ribbon adds a dainty feel to it. This style can also work just as well for adults who prefer a bow look at the back, or just want to jazz it up a little so it's not a uniform crown all around.

flower crown with ribbon tie back adjustable

Style 3: Floral combs

Combs are still a little bit under rated, so I want to put them in the spotlight! You won't see these from the front, but from the side or back, you'll get that surprising pop of blooms to catch your guests by surprise. Aren't they lovely? Floral combs work best with a full updo, so the comb gets tucked in and the flowers cap off the bun or curls.

flower comb

Style 4: Symmetric hair florals

To create a nice balanced and even look, symmetric florals are what you're after. If you have a strong side part or fringe, adding a bit of symmetry creates a softer feel. This works really well if you're going for a gentle, pastel look.

symmetric flower crown

Style 5: Asymmetric hair florals

Excited to adorn something more dramatic for your big day? Then asymmetry is your best friend! Wearing this style of hair florals will add a lot of emphasis to your overall look and portrait. They go best matched with a dress that's softer and simpler. Having both a very detailed and loud outfit, along with striking hair florals, will mean guests may not know what part of you to focus on!

asymmetric flower crown

Photography: Rob Mulally and Hello May

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