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Candied Macadamias Gift Canister by Ms Peacock

Candied macadamias coated in chocolate, cocoa & gold and packaged in a beautifully designed gift canister.

Sourced from the mid-north coast of NSW, these organic macadamia nuts have been on a real adventure after leaving the grower’s farm. After being sorted and roasted, candied in small batches, and then coated in layer upon layer of chocolate, they’re sprinkled with cocoa.

Created by Chef Lisa Morely, Ms Peacock only uses natural ingredients of the highest quality in their handmade chocolate confection creations. A perfectionist, with creative flair, Lisa finds unbridled joy in every edible detail of the confectionery she creates. Ms Peacock creations are made in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.


Candied Macadamias Gift Canister by Ms Peacock

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