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Monstera Thai Constellation Rare Plant


The Monstera Thai Constellation is the ultimate rare plant, known amongst all plant nerds and addicts! Absolutely divine, speckled variegation, we just can't stop looking at it!

Grown originally from tissue culture in Thailand, hence the first part of its name, it's known for the marble variegated leaves, seemingly patterned with stars in a galaxy, hence 'Constellation'! A real showstopper and hard for us to get a hold of.. limited quantities available throughout the year, if any at all!

As easy to care for as any other Monstera, partial light, let it dry out between waterings, and simply let it shine and do its thing. Read more about caring for your Monstera Thai Constellation here!

Sold within a 12cm plastic pot, it fits perfectly within our Oslo Medium Planter Pot, as pictured.