Lime Tree Bower

Buongiorno Positano!


Imagine waking up after a well deserved sleep in, and getting served a humble coffee and breakfast on your balcony, with sun-drenched Positano views and the impressive Amalfi coastline Buongiorno (Good Morning) Positano! 

A mix of romantic, pastel and warm toned palette of floral delights: think apricot oranges, terracotta cafe beige, mellow yellow and cream hues.

We select the best seasonal flowers available, depending on availability, using these images as inspiration. Due to the perishable nature of flowers, the lifespan varies between floral varieties.

Photos indicative of pricing as follows: photos 1 & 3 - $150, photo 4 - $180, photos 5 & 6 - $90.

Inspiration imagery featured by Cristiano Ceruti, Virtual Tourist, Alex Preview, Jaxon Foale.